Aims Of This School


  • To provide a happy secure and disciplined atmosphere in the school to facilitate learning.
  • To provide a broad, balanced curriculum for each child and to help each child experience success at a level pertaining to his/her own ability.
  • To nurture and foster in children an awareness of a concern about and a respect for their environment.
  • To maintain a friendly and a professional working relationship between parents and teachers so that talks can be frank both ways about children’s’ progress and development and special needs.
  • To prepare children for their adult lives at home, work and leisure.
  • To create the atmosphere of a believing community committed to living our in its daily operations the Christian way of life.
  • To encourage children to enjoy themselves within acceptable social limits and to respect all reasonable authority and the rights of others.
  • To develop each child in a full and harmonious way enabling him/her to lead a full life as a child.